What's in a name...a little SOGO story

SOGO 2/trc Design (this is SOGO 2's first country name)

SOGO: corruption of the first two letters of the first and last name of the founder and owner, Susan Goldin; not, as some have expressed, directional advice.

(background) SOGO originated in a Greenwich Village loft on 11th Street, which was just north of NOHO and north east of SOHO and as the locals liked to say, just a little bit above MOHO and a little bit shy of HOHO. Ergo...SOGO was a journey in place a lot like this www. deal.

2: a numeral; indicating there was once a SOGO 1 or a just plain (but never dull) SOGO.  A small 2 resting above the upper case O of SOGO2 means squared (remember math?), indicating an intelligent organization of advanced depth (or that was the thought at the time of conception). When SOGO2 was created, the 2 was supposed to be written to indicate squared. However unfortunately, not all programs allow for superscript which is what is required to place a little 2 above the upper case O of SOGO2 or, worse yet, actual programming is involved to move the 2 to a correct position.  Some concepts are just too esoteric to be used without a work to output ratio which defies human understanding and this particularly concept (2) ultimately screws up the line spacing (leading to the design literate) so SOGO2 became SOGO 2 happily. You will however see some clever use of the superscript 2 on this website since a kind friend gave the programming commands to us and we are unable to stop ourselves from using them. So sorry. It will pass.

/: a high tech element, indicating the company has something to do with technology and punctuation.  Well, yeah, we use computers and lots of #@//*%.

trc: another abbreviation, this one accurate, for "the rose cottage" which is the current location of SOGO 2; about 100 miles north of NOHO, but a lot closer to HOHO.

Design: an actual word. Graphic design would be more accurate. The major product of the company...creative solutions.  Graphic design, advertising and marketing in the pursuit of the best creative solutions are part and parcel of the work of SOGO 2.



Susan Goldin
president and owner

by appointment:
SOGO 2 Design Consultants
141 Beebe Pond Road
Canaan, NY 12029